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The first questions you must ask yourself at the moment is : Is this really real?  Is it going to work? Is it Free?

To make it short the answer is YES ! Yes it is real, Yes it is working smoothly and Yes it is free !!

You may have been disapointed by many others websites or softwares which claim that can generate Facebook credits, but either it is fake or the software is a Virus.

As a matter of fact, we have been there too ;) , so we are pretty aware of all those scams which turn down to make us loose time more than anything.

Anyway just watch the video proof below that will help you decide what we are trying to say here. 

Watch the Facebook Credits Generator in Action

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Facebook Credits Generator

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holy macaroni, it did worked. im gonna brag about this facebook credits generator to my friends. ahaha finally found a working one.

i use this once a day only to avoid risk already got 2000 credits on my account and i cant believe it. thanks a lot

thanks, i thought it was a fucking scam again. try it everybody, its worth a try.

thnks,i thought it was a fucking scam.try it everybody.. . .